Presentations guidelines

Submissions are now open

We are now inviting submissions for workshops, presentations, and practice sharing sessions for EdTechPosium. Submissions close Monday, 16 August 2021.

Here are some suggestions for presentation or workshop themes.

  • Students teaching the teachers
  • Enabling educational innovations
  • Adapting learning and teaching for the future


Workshops are an opportunity for delegates to learn to do. We love to (virtually speaking) get our hands dirty and feel what it’s like to make something or forensically anatomise some technology or learning methodology. Workshop sessions of 25 or 55 minutes are envisaged. Please reserve 5 minutes for questions at the end of the your session.

If your workshop attendees are actively using technology, then your session needs to be run on a BYOD basis, as no computer laboratories are provided. The venue has a guest wifi service. If attendees need a device, please indicate below whether a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop is most appropriate.


A discussion between leading practitioners who represent different perspectives on an issue (for example, educator v student, higher ed v vocational v school) with a facilitator for audience questions. Panel sessions of 25 minutes are probably ideal.


Presentations are an opportunity for delegates to learn about something. Draw in potential collaborators or reviewers, unveil your amazing new product, or raise important questions for the profession. Presentations of 25 minutes are probably ideal. Please plan to deliver your content in 20 minutes, with 5 minutes being reserved for answering questions.

Practice bazaar

Do you have some innovative ideas? Are you using engaging practices? We invite you to show off what you have been thinking and doing in our Practice Bazaar with a demonstration, model, poster, or other interactive experience. Be prepared to staff your bazaar stand for an hour. In your proposal, please describe what attendees will experience or do with you, and note any space and infrastructure requirements.

Make your proposal now

In submitting your proposal, please provide a title that accurately reflects on what you will deliver in your session, Catchy titles are good for attracting an audience, but informative subtitles are needed to convey the substance of what you are presenting.

If your presentation is going to include some interactive elements, do tell us whether attendees should bring their own device (BYOD).

Click on the button below to submit a proposal for a panel, presentation, workshop or a stand in the Practice bazaar. Proposals close on Monday, 16 August 2021. We will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible after this date, to enable you to make further arrangements.