EdTechPosium Places walk tours

ANU sculpture donut likeThis year to integrate with our conference theme of ‘place’ we are having a number of walking tour options for you of the various teaching spaces as well as take in some of ANU’s cultural highlights.
We have an exciting line up of six tour options that you can select from (numbers of participants may be limited with some of the tours). These tours will run during our extended lunch break on Day 2 and you will be provided with a boxed picnic lunch to take with you on your walk. The amount of walking will vary depending on the tour. You will need to select and sign up for the walking tour you would like to go on. Signup sheets will be available in the Springbank room main breakout space where morning teas and lunches will be served.

  • Remember to collect your lunch as you leave the Keynote 5 talk from the Lunch area ASAP.
  • Once you have collected your lunch proceed outside to find your walking guide in the Crawford Central courtyard (See map) who has a possum colour coded to your walk, refer to coloured circle, and will take you to where you need to go.
  • Please also wear comfortable shoes for walking for Day 2 and bring a drink bottle and a hat.

Places walks options are:

1. ANU Maker Space and Physics Education space

Description of tour: This tour includes the ANU Maker Space and the new physics teaching facilities. The ANU maker space provides a hands on place where ‘people learn by doing’ in which tools are available for use by the ANU community.
Walking distance: 30 mins one way
Cost: Free
Number limit: 25 people

2. National film and Sound Archive and ‘Game Masters’ exhibition

Description of tour: We are lucky enough to have located on campus the National film and Sound Archive (NFSA) that houses an amazing collection of our national history of film and television. During the time of our conference the NFSA is hosting an exciting exhibition ‘Game Masters: The Exhibition,’ we have generously been given access to this exhibition and this walk also incorporates a tour of the NFSA’s and its film history.
Walking distance: 20 mins one way
Cost: Free
Number limit: 60 people

3. National Museum of Australia ‘DreamWorks’ exhibition

Description of tour: The National Museum of Australia is not far from our conference venue and will be hosting the DreamWorks exhibition while the conference is on that you can pay to see. You can also choose to explore the museum galleries at no cost.
Walking distance: 15 mins one way
Cost: $22 entry fee to the DreamWorks exhibition/person. General museum entry:free
Number limit:No limit

4. ANU Classics Museum

Description of tour: The ANU Classics Museum is part of the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics that contains Collection’s from the cultural practices of ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It includes domestic items, writings, pottery and drama.
Walking distance: 30 mins one way
Cost: Free
Number limit: 30 people

5. Kambri Marie Reay Teaching Centre and Cultural spaces

Description of tour: The new Marie Reay Teaching Centre located in Kambri is an innovative new multipurpose teaching space that opened at the beginning of 2019.
Walking distance: 30 mins one way
Number limit:No limit

6. ANU Sculptures walk

Description of tour:If you are into art and sculpture the ANU has an extensive collection of sculptures around the campus, 55 in total. This walk will focus on those sculptures which are in close proximity to the conference venue. Sculptures walk brochure
Walking distance: Just outside Crawford building
Cost: Free
Number limit: No limit

7. Schools forum

Description of tour:This forum will be an online live stream session for school teachers who were unable to attend ETP as well as those interested to get together and discuss VR in schools with one of our keynotes Erica Southgate from the University of Newcastle.
Walking distance: At conference venue Acton Theatre Level 1
Cost: Free
Number limit: No limit