Welcome to the EdTechPosium Game!

You will find inserted into your program your game card and some instructions. Participation in this game is completely optional. But designed to be fun, and engaging, plus there’s prizes!

To participate below is a series of tasks and challenges that will help you engage with the conference. When you complete such a task this will fill in one of the nine (9) cells of your game card. If you find a codeword you can write that directly in one of the cells of your game card. To earn a stamp or a sticker you must complete the task listed and an ETP committee member will give you a stamp or a sticker. Each codeword only counts once, as does each sticker and stamp type. For example while the sticker may look different you cannot count a sticker you received in 2 different presentations, only one will count for each task.

The order in which you write in your codewords, place your stickers and stamps doesn’t matter, as long as they fill up each space in the grid!

Once you’ve filled your game card (all nine cells) bring it to reception to claim your prize. Prizes are limited so make sure you don’t leave it too late!

Tasks and Challenges
Stamp: Throughout the conference make some time to play with the table of lego and chat to other attendees. Post a photo of your lego creation on social media (twitter, Instagram, etc) with #ETP18
Codeword: On the cover of the program how many lego people are wearing blue full face helmets?
Riddle: View upon the information provided at the end of the second, and attend the start of the second.
Stamp: Check out Games and Drinks at the end of the day for a stamp.
Sticker: Each session chair has a sticker or 2 for great questions during sessions.
Codeword: make sure you take notice of Conference Signage, you’ll be surprised at what you read.
Riddle: View upon the information provided at the end of the second, and attend the start of the second.
Riddle: The theme provides the foundation for a thoughtful reflection.

This list is just the start, explore the conference to find more unlisted codewords and tasks.

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