Submit your proposal - Guidelines

Design, Develop, Play!

The theme for this year’s conference was born in a moment of spontaneity and brilliance. Design, develop, play! encompasses our vision for diversity and innovation in the use of technology for teaching and learning. It is the recognition of the importance of pedagogy and evidence in the choice and implementation of tools and technologies, as well as the role ‘play’ or ‘playfulness’ has in higher education.

At this conference, we invite academics, designers, researchers, and practitioners with an interest in creating, shaping or incubating innovative and playful learning designs, tools, technologies and experiences to join us in this growing conversation.

Types of presentation

  • - Short presentation (15 Minutes)
  • - Long presentation (30 Minutes)
  • - Panel (30 Minutes or 1 Hour)
  • - Workshop (Please suggest desired length)
  • - Single slide presentation (3 Minutes)
  • - Poster

Submission criteria

Please submit your proposal via this google form. You will be required to provide a title and description (300 words or less) for your proposed presentation. You may also submit additional documents to support your proposal.


Dateline (Extended): 3 September 2018

Speakers will be notified by: September 2018

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