Leanne Cover Leanne Cover is the Chief Executive Officer of the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), the largest government provider of vocational education and training institution in Canberra. CIT provides programs and services in a wide range of industry disciplines at Australian Qualifications Framework levels 1-7. Leanne has undertaken this role since February 2015. Leanne has an extensive background in the education and training sector spanning almost 20 years, including senior leadership roles at the CIT and in the ACT Education and Training Directorate.

In 2013, she was appointed as the Deputy Director General of the ACT Education and Training Directorate. This portfolio included public schools, the regulation of early childhood education and care services, the registration of non-government schools and the planning and coordination of vocational education and training.

Leanne is a passionate about education and training and achieving better social and economic outcomes for individuals and the community. As the CEO of CIT she is committed to ensuring CIT is a dynamic, connected and diverse vocational education and training provider, She is well known for her leadership in shaping vocational education and training policy to address skills development for entry level and existing workers and ensuring education and training responds to the demands and requirements of industry and the community.

A New Approach to Organisational Change

As the world becomes increasingly connected and complex, traditional institutions are required to adapt and coevolve with the changing times, and apply knowledge in a much-more nuanced way to remain relevant and sustainable in the long term.

Join Leanne in exploring CIT’s change journey which has been underpinned by contemporary organisational transformation theories related to connectivity, complexity and networks and discover how these have enabled transformation across an organisation with a rich history and diverse workforce.

CIT, like all education and learning institutions is facing a time of change, opportunity and uncertainty. CIT is adapting and co evolving to maximise its place within the broader ecosystem in the ever increasingly connected and complex environment we are operating in. CIT’s purpose for this work is to build our capability and capacity by exploring different ways of working to meet the emerging education and training needs of our customers. We are doing this by adopting an organisation-wide shift in new thinking and new priorities, with a vision of being the best we can be.

In this keynote address Leanne will share her experiences in leading this transformation and how it is supporting CIT in meeting its commitments to provide the skills needed for the new world of work and global marketplace and the possibilities this represents.

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