EdTechPosium 2019 Committee

The EdTechPosium committee is made of many amazing volunteers to make the conference happen.

This year’s committee members are:

  • Conference chair: Janene Harman (Australian National University)
  • Secretary: Stephanie Kizimchuk (University of Canberra)
  • Treasurer/Registrar: Karen Saneki-Jones, assisted by Thao Tran (Australian National University)
  • Technology and AV coordinator: Crystal McLaughlin (CIT Solutions)
  • Communications co-ordinators:
    • Website, graphic design – Françoise Muller (Australian National University)
    • Social media – Rebekka Leary (Australian National University)
  • Logistics officer: Karlene Dickens (Australian National University)
  • Speaker co-ordinator: Emily Rutherford and Owen Litchfield (University of NSW Canberra) and UNSW Canberra team
  • Sponsor co-ordinator: Amy Holland (Canberra Institute of Technology)
  • Attendee experience co-ordinator: Joelle Le (Australian National University)
  • Sector representatives: Schools: Russell Waldron (Canberra Grammar)
  • VET: Glen Luttrell (Wisdom Learning)


Other important committee members

  • Richard Robinson (Australian National University)
  • Penny Wheeler (Australian Catholic University)
  • Dr David Meacheam (University of NSW)


Additional ANU team members and helpers

  • Jane Friel
  • Kat Esteves
  • David Burke
  • Hollie Herne
  • Katie Freund
  • Rebecca Ng


Advisory meeting members

  • Jennifer Smith (University of Canberra)
  • Shane Nuessler (University of Canberra)
  • Bradley Roche (Wisdom Learning)
  • Brad Edlington (Anglicare)
  • Josh Maher-West (IP Australia)
  • Fiona Bowen (Museum of Democracy Old Parliament House)